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  PT Compact

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Before you take the Jurisprudence Exam you must verify that your
license home state
has agreed to participate in the PT Compact Privilege Program.

You may click here to see if your home state is participating.
Do Not take the Jurisprudence Exam if your home state is not participating or if you are planning to establish permanent residency in Mississippi. If you are establishing permanent residency in Mississippi use one of the applications Shown Here.

Steps for PT Compact Privilege Program approval in Mississippi:

  1. 1. Pass the Mississipi Jurisprudence Exam
    You must pass the Jurisprudence Exam before
    you can be approved for Compact Privilege.

    Click here for the exam.

  2. 2. Once you have passed the Jurisprudence Exam go to the PT Compact website to apply for and purchase a Compact Privilege.

  3. 3. Once you have obtained employment in the State of Mississippi, please access your profile here and update your Mississippi employment information in the general registration section. Under the education tab, please answer the practice type and practice setting in which you are working as a physical therapist practitioner. Please note that you have thirty (30) days after such change is effective to notify the Board of the address change.

  4. 4. If you are dry needling (DN) certified, please make sure you email your DN certificates of completion to sboyette@msbpt.ms.gov prior to utilizing this technique in Mississippi. Once approved, an approval letter will be mailed to your home address on record with the Board and your name will be added to the dry needling list on the website.

Physical Therapy Licensure Compact in Mississippi: Effective July 16, 2018

The official site to verify whether a Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant has a compact privilege license to practice in the State of Mississippi, you can visit the PT Compact Commission public verification website https://purchase.ptcompact.org/verify.