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  Board Disciplinary Actions

The Mississippi State Board of Physical Therapy has provided a summary of licenses currently under disciplinary action. This information is a matter of public record. Although the information is believed to be accurate, the Board makes no guarantees. The Mississippi State Board of Physical Therapy disclaims liability for any errors or omissions. Users of this service may contact the Board to assure accuracy. A copy of the Board Order for any disciplinary action, or a written list of all disciplinary actions may be obtained by downloading the public records request form found on the Forms section of this website and submitting said form along with applicable processing fee.

  • Davis , Alex B.
  • License number: PTA5340
    Violation: Filing false reports or falsifying records.
    Disciplinary action: $5100.00 fine. 3 years probation, with the first 3 months being on suspension, and the remaining 9 months of the first year having direct on-site supervision. The remaining 2 years of probation the supervisor must submit quarterly reports to the Board. Quarterly reports must also be submitted from any employer and the licensee attesting to his compliance. An additional 3 hours in Board approved Ethics to the required biennial units for renewal.
    Effective date: 4-27-2017
    Status: ACTIVE-disciplinary probation
  • Dendy, Karmen Spratlin
  • License number: PTA6027
    Violation: Practicing with an expired license.
    Disciplinary action: License reinstated upon the payment of late renewal application fee. $350.00 fine. Complete 4 hours of Board approved continuing competence in professional ethics and Mississippi physical therapy jurisprudence, in addition to the required 30 CCU's for renewal, and provide proof of completion.
    Effective date: 7-26-2017
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Flowers, Abrian N.
  • License number: PT4308
    Violation: Failure to adhere to the recognized standards of ethics of the physical therapy profession as established by the rules of the Board. Engaging in any conduct considered by the Board to be detrimental to the profession of physical therapy. *******REVISION******* Failure to abide by the probation conditions that were voluntarily agreed to in a Stipulation and Consent Order. Failure to not engage in the use of any controlled addictive substances. During a random drug testing a positive result for marijuana metabolites was obtained. Failure to maintain a number where the Board designee could reach him prevented the Board from monitoring the conditions for sobriety and missing a required drug test. Failure to arrange for the drug testing facility to send the results to the Board within the time prescribed, and authorizing the Board or its designee to receive the results of all drug tests. Failure to provide his employer with a copy of the Stipulation and Consent Order. Failure to notify the Board of any change in work status.
    Disciplinary action: Monetary penalty of $500.00 per violation. Unannounced drug testing for a minimum of four times over a one-year period. Probation period of 5 years. *******REVISION******* Revocation of license
    Effective date: 10-24-2014
    Status: REVOKED-
  • Hughes, Jr., Calvin A.
  • License number: PTA4330
    Violation: Conduct considered to be detrimental to the physical therapy profession, and failure to comply with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.
    Disciplinary action: Monetary penalty and costs of $650.00, quarterly, random witnessed drug screens for (1) one year.
    Effective date: 10-21-2016
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Menhard, Raymond C.
  • License number: PT2453
    Disciplinary action: Closed. No violations found.
    Effective date: 1-31-2018
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Murphy, Madeline C.
  • License number: PTA5468
    Violation: Filing false reports or falsifying records and submitting false claims.
    Disciplinary action: $500.00 fine, and provide to the Board satisfactory proof or documentation showing successful completion of (8) eight hours of continuing education in physical therapy ethics required by the Tennessee Consent Order.
    Effective date: 1-19-2017
    Status: ACTIVE-disciplinary/monetary penalty
  • Nickens, Terrence D.
  • License number: PT3573
    Disciplinary action: Closed. Remand Order. ***REVISION*** Remand Order
    Effective date: 4-19-2018
    Status: License EXPIRED -cc probation
  • Schroeder, Sarah A.
  • License number: PT1150
    Violation: Conviction of felony Exploitation of a Child
    Disciplinary action: License placed on 3 years probation from the date of reinstatement; shall not practice physical therapy alone with any child under the age of 18 years; must be supervised by a Board approved physical therapist with quarterly reports submitted; must have counseling with a Board approved mental health professional and undergo any treatment as is deemed necessary, with quarterly reports submitted; a copy of the Board order shall be provided to the supervisor and mental health professional; Ms. Schroeder must file sworn quarterly reports attesting to her compliance of the Order; must practice only physical therapy under her MS physical therapist license under a Board approved physical therapist; must comply with terms and conditions of the House Arrest Intensive Supervision Program; shall arrange for MDOC or her field officer to submit quarterly reports documenting her performance; provide verifiable proof of compliance with the House Arrest Intensive Supervision Program; supply a copy of the Order to any and all employers; keep the Board apprised at all times of any changes to residential and/or work addresses and telephone numbers, employment, or practice.
    Effective date: 8-20-2014
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Sellers, John D.
  • License number: PT1994
    Violation: Negligence in the practice or performance of professional services; dishonorable, unethical or unprofessional conduct of a character likely to deceive, defraud or harm the public; lewd conduct in connection with professional services or activities; failure to respect the inherent dignity and rights of all individuals; failure to adhere to the core values of the profession and act in the best interests of patient(s)/client(s) over the interests of the physical therapist; engaged in conflict of interests that interfered with professional judgment and did not make sound judgments; exploited patient(s)/client(s); engaged in a sexual relationship with a patient(s)/client(s); did not demonstrate integrity in his relationship(s) with patient(s)/client(s); and did not promote organizational behaviors and business practices that benefited patient(s)/client(s).
    Disciplinary action: License revoked until 10 years from and after the Board signs the Order, licensure certificate and license identification card returned to the Board, and pay associated costs of $725.00.
    Effective date: 8-30-2017
    Status: REVOKED-Probationary period ended
  • Sims, Stephen L.
  • License number: PT4462
    Violation: Falsifying patient records and fraudulent billing.
    Disciplinary action: Probation for two (2) years. Fine and costs of $2500.00. Four (4) hours of continuing education courses in professional ethics must be successfully completed each year of probation, in addition to the licensure renewal requirements. Must provide any person or entity where employed with a copy of the Stipulation and Consent Order.
    Effective date: 12-15-2014
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Smith, Lindsey Erin
  • License number: PTA3760
    Violation: Convicted of a felony of the courts within the State of Mississippi.
    Disciplinary action: $5000.00 fine. 3 months suspension of license; then 5 years of probation. During the suspension period, must complete 5 hours of Board approved ethics in addition to the required hours for renewal. Must undergo a chemical dependency evaluation by a Board approved professional or agency; and have assessor submit a monthly written report to the Board. Quarterly random drug testing. Must report to the Board any prescriptions within 24 hours, and have the physician send a copy of the prescription to the Board office within 5 working days. All employers must receive a copy of the Board Order and submit quarterly written reports to the Board of her day-to-day job performance.
    Effective date: 2-5-2018
    Status: ACTIVE-disciplinary/monetary penalty
  • Van Heel, Douglas R.
  • License number: PT3713
    Violation: Negligence in the practice or performance of professional service; unethical, or professional conduct; performance of unacceptable services; failing to maintain adequate patient records; conduct considered by the Board to be detrimental to the profession of physical therapy; not acting in the best interests of the patient/client; not providing physical therapy services with compassionate and caring behaviors; not communicating or collaborating with peers or other health care professionals; not providing truthful, accurate and relevant information in the patient's medical records; and failing to communicate, coordinate, and document all aspects of patient/client management; and violations of the laws, rules and regulations governing the practice of physical therapy.
    Disciplinary action: Probation of license until June 30, 2018, fine and costs of $8200.00, 3 hours of continuing competence in professional ethics and time management in addition to the required hours for renewal, 6 months of supervised physical therapy practice, copy of Board Order supplied to any and all employers, monthly reports from the supervising physical therapist, and quarterly reports from employer(s) and self on compliance.
    Effective date: 9-19-2016
    Status: ACTIVE-Probationary period ended
  • Vinson, Michael Barilea
  • License number: PT5361
    Violation: Failure to maintain accurate or adequate records.
    Disciplinary action: Reprimanded. Fined $1500.00 monetary penalty. License may be reinstated in a probationary status for sixty (60) days, beginning when licensee practices in Mississippi. The times that the licensee does not practice or provide physical therapy in Mississippi will not be credited toward any period of probationary time. Two (2) hours additional continuing education in a Board approved Ethics course. Any entity that employs the licensee in Mississippi shall send a notarized statement to the Board verifying their receipt of a copy of the Stipulation and Consent Order, fourteen (14) days prior to starting employment. Must keep the Board apprised at all times in writing of any change in address, phone, professional status, or employment.
    Effective date: 9-17-2015
    Status: License EXPIRED -disciplinary probation
  • Webb, Janet L.
  • License number: PT1726
    Violation: Falsifying documents.
    Disciplinary action: $4450.00 fine, 2 years probation, with the first 6 months being monitored and supervised with Board prior approval of a licensed physical therapist in good standing with the Board. Monthly reports to the Board by the supervising physical therapist, quarterly reports by the licensee to the Board. An additional 6 hours in Board approved professional ethics, and successful completion of the APTA Medicare and Integrity in Practice.
    Effective date: 10-19-2017
    Status: License EXPIRED -disciplinary probation
  • Wesley, Sr., Nehemiah M.
  • License number: PT3985
    Violation: Failure to complete the required continuing competence hours needed for renewal, being placed on continuing competence probation for one licensure period; then failing to provide evidence or documentation verifying the continuing competence courses when attempting renewal of license for the following license renewal period.
    Disciplinary action: Application for renewal of physical therapy license is denied and the license to practice as a physical therapist in the State of Mississippi is suspended until further order of the Board.
    Effective date: 4-27-2017
    Status: License EXPIRED -disciplinary probation
  • Williams, Tiawanna L.
  • License number: PT4314
    Violation: Practicing with an expired license.
    Disciplinary action: Closed. License not active.
    Effective date: 11-19-2018
    Status: License EXPIRED -Probationary period ended
  • Yates, Brittany Whittington
  • License number: 5664
    Violation: Falsifying documentation.
    Disciplinary action: $3000.00 fine. 2 years probation. Quarterly reports must be submitted from each employer of her day-to-day job performance. Quarterly reports attesting to her self compliance. 6 additional hours in professional ethics beside the biennial amount required for renewal.
    Effective date: 9-16-2018
    Status: ACTIVE-disciplinary probation